Trading Room Officer

Tel Aviv   |   Full Time

Efficient Frontier is a leading technology and research company facilitating digital asset trading and  powering billions in annual trade. We provide institutional grade algorithmic trading, market making, analytics, and liquidity management for token backed digital assets, crypto exchanges and funds.

We are looking for talented leaders to join our trading team and help to shape the future of digital asset markets.


About the job:

The initial responsibilities of the trading room officer are live monitoring of algorithmic Crypto-trading systems that run around the clock (24/7).

The monitoring shifts run 24/7 with 8 hours a shift - during normal hours, night hours, weekends and holidays. Every officer manages 5 shifts per week.

Future responsibilities might include (depending on the employee’s interests): managing client trading projects, developing bots and algorithms to help with the trading operations, among others.

This is the perfect job for those who want flexibility, together with the chance to join a growing start-up and a thriving ecosystem.


The perfect candidate would be:

- Passionate and knowledgeable about the crypto industry (please explain such knowledge in CV)

- Show knowledge in markets structure and trading

- Has experience from a control room/war room from the army.

- Excel proficient

- Skilled and passionate to self-learn new things

- Great at communication and team work 


Bonus knowledge:

-Experience in live trading (traditional markets as well)



- Great team and chance to grow

- Launch card

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